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August 25 2017

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August 19 2017

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August 18 2017

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Window view on Bologna (Emilia-Romagna, Italy) by Marco Wei

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August 14 2017

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Rzad­ko myśli­my o tym, co ma­my, lecz zaw­sze o tym, cze­go nam brak.
— Arthur Schopenhauer
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Send me “Lotus” for a promo to 65k+ dashes

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Po czym poznać, że to ta jedyna?
Kiedy wolisz ją widzieć uśmiechniętą niż nagą.
— (via justhimblr)
“The type of person you marry plays a big role in the type of children you have, so do your unborn children a favour by choosing wisely.”
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Audrey Hepburn on the terrace of the Hotel Hassler, in Rome, with the telegram announcing her best-actress award, for The Nun’s Story, from the New York Film Critics Circle, 1960.
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